Trigger Shot

Hi ladies,
I’m just curious if any of you that became pregnant after trigger on a 16mm follicle or 16.5mm follicle. My leading follicle is a 22mm. I’m just kind of worried about twins or triplets at this point!


  • worried? That sounds awesome! Keep us updated please! My dr. recommends I do a trigger shot also. I'm worried about twins too.

  • Thanks @AngieDolce0528 I’m worried the 2 16’s should be 18-24mm prior to trigger but there is the 22mm one on the other side. My acupuncturist said she has seen 16mm and smaller work before at the time of trigger but then again she has seen them not work. My IUI was the 23rd so we’ll see...

  • Hi I’m following this.. update please. How did it go? I am new to the process and will be getting the shot to keep on hand for the day. Did you have to order from an out of state pharmacy?

  • I go to a local pharmacy to get mine. There are 3 pharmacies in my area that carry it. I’m on progesterone this time d/t a miscarriage in June. I felt implantation pains tues and wed. Today I started getting nauseated mid morning and then my breast have become progressively tender/sore all day. I can feel it just sitting here. I emailed about the nausea because that wasn’t a symptom of the progesterone suppository I had been having. The response was that it could cause “some nausea with hormone shifts” and that hopefully my test will be positive Monday. I didn’t have symptoms this intense on progesterone last month.

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