Mosie baby for ici???

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Has anyone used or heard of anyone using mosie baby syringe for ici vials?? A friend is recommending it to me.


  • We just got a bfp last week and used mosie baby in 3 ici attempts.

  • @atl0987 yyyyaaaassss !! Congrats!!! congrats!!! You give me hope we doing our second try next month.

  • @atl0987
    My wife and I are planning to use Mosie baby in the next few weeks. Your success inspires us. Did you use one ICI vial each cycle? What worked for you for this BFP?

  • I am planning to use mosie baby for first try. How many vials do you recommend?

  • I was going to try Mosie too.

  • I used Moise and it worked well (However got BFN). I think it is pricey for what it is though.

  • My wife and I decided to start the process as well during my early July ovulation window. We hadn't seen any doctors nor taken any medication. We just wanted to start on our own first before jumping into anything else, that might not even be needed. I never heard of Mosie, but I suppose I also didn't do any real research since Cryobank said they'd send a syringe. When we got our tank, it included little syringes that worked to just 'suck up the sperm' and then insert it directly into my vagina and that was that. They were by no means magnum size, so what it might lack in one arena, it certainly delivered in the functional part! I had started BBT tracking about a month prior so I had some data to leverage and used an OPK in June to get a baseline of timing. So, we ordered 3 vials for at-home ICI about 4 days before my expected ovulation. Luckily, I had the luxury of an 'ovulation dip' with my BBT and so that was the first day we used a vial and then one more the next day when I had my LH surge and then again the next day which was my actual ovulation. Fast forward to the afternoon of 9DPO and I took my first pregnancy test and it was POSITIVE! Very faint, but there was a line! The next morning, 10DPO, we used two different pregnancy test brands and two more +'s! For good measure, we did it again this morning, 11 DPO, with two more different types of tests, and more +' turning back now! Oh, and three days after my ovulation I turned 37, so hope is out there!

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