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Hi There! My wife and I had our 1st of two IUIs today (2nd tomorrow) with Donor 13752. Entering this TWW I feel like I'm looking for anything to distract my mind. While I totally understand success rates are not an indicator that this month will work for us, if any of you have been successful with this donor, please don't hesitate to reach out :)

Same donor or not, please feel free to send any suggestions to "surviving the TWW"!

Sending lots of Baby Dust to everyone on this journey <3


  • Any update on the results considering using for a donor thank you!!

  • Hey Sayahxlynn,

    Unfortunately we received our BFN on Thursday October 24th...

    However, we started again immediately with the same donor. This will be our 2nd month trying. We go in this Sunday for Day 10 Monitoring. Will keep you updated :smile: !

  • Oh no I’m sorry to hear that :( hopefully all goes well this time! Please keep me updated thank you!

  • Also if it’s not to much to ask what was the count washed and the motility?

  • We are looking at this donor as well! We’ve been trying for 8 months with another company so hoping a switch might give us a better chance at success.

  • @Sarahxlynn & @TNL1040 Unfortunately we have not had success as of yet with this donor. We are in our 3rd TWW now....

    I'm not certain on motility...As per count washed, the numbers have greatly varied. Our clinic inseminates 2 days back to back and out of the 6 procedures we've had most numbers around 7-8mil, one time as high as 11mil, and one time pretty low around 6mil.

    We're still trying to remain hopeful! The numbers aren't amazing but according to our RE and nurses, these sorts of counts although not ideal, have been successful in the past. We'll give this 3rd try a chance before considering switching!

  • @PMWP1234 we just got a positive pregnancy test with this donor! We’ve been doing IUI since early this year(With another bank)— it can be such a frustrating process and so emotionally exhausting. Sending positive thoughts and baby dust your way ❤️

  • @TNL1040 Congratulations!!! <3<3 I can't imagine how excited you must feel, 8 months isn't easy! I hope you're basking in all the joys this moment brings. Hopefully we'll be touching base soon with donor siblings :)

  • Hi! I saw that you’re using this donor! We just had our baby with this donor! I would love to connect!!!

  • @TNL1040 & @Okiesmom after three months and six IUI procedures, my wife and I did get our BFP on December 19th but that was short lived. We had an early miscarriage on December 29th, the day before our 1st ultrasound.

    Being that the IUI did work, we are planning on trying for 2 more months before considering IVF.

    Hoping beyond words that these last 2 months / one of these 4 IUIs work and I can reach out soon <3

  • Little update: We officially started this try today with IUI #7! Sounds a little high, but our clinic inseminates 2 days in a row so this is only our 4th month. We go in tomorrow for another IUI (#8) and find out on the 28th if this go around was successful.

    Really hoping for a win here! We know now that the IUI can work for me, just need it to work this time and STICK <3

  • Thinking of you guys, PMWP1234! ❤️ We are now almost 10 weeks along and so far so good—just found out we are pregnant with twins!! Our journey took quite some time as well, so I know how hard it can be. Sending baby dust and all the good thoughts your way!

  • @TNL1040 I thought I had responded to this sooner but I guess it didn't go through, CONGRATS!! TWINS, I cannot imagine the joy you are feeling after such a long journey. So happy for you and yours!! <3

    We did receive our BFN today unfortunately. After 4 months with 3 negatives and 1 miscarriage, we've decided along with our RE that the best thing to do moving forward is switching to IVF.

    We are going to give ourselves some time off to recuperate both mentally & physically, and definitely financially lol before moving forward with my April period. We aren't sure if we are going to stick with this donor or if it is time for a change, but we will definitely update when the time comes.

    Sending love, light, and positivity your way for the rest of your pregnancy <3<3

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    @TNL1040 congratulations!!! @PMWP1234 I'm sorry to hear that, hoping all the best for your next cycle❤
    @Okiesmom if you dont mind, how many IUIs or IVFs did you do? We're on our 6th IUI but this is the 2nd IUI with this donor. We have our blood test schedule on Thursday. Really hoping this round worked, if not we have no choice but to do IVF.

  • @Sarahxlynn @TNL1040 @Okiesmom Wanted to let you know that my wife and I decided to switch donors for our IVF cycle to come. We really fell in love with this donor, but feel with so many failed IUIs it would be best to switch things up. Sending you both so many positive vibes through your pregnancies and motherhood <3 Hopefully my wife and I get a win this Summer and we can all touch base not for the donor, but for being mommas!

  • @PMWP1234 I wish you the best and lots of baby dust!!❤❤ Please keep in touch with updates. We have been through 6 failed iuis (2 with this donor) and were going to do an IVF cycle now. Praying for this cycle.

  • @Sarahxlynn hi! I was wondering how you were doing with your journey and by using this donor? I found someone who is pregnant with his half sibling and wanted to connect with you!

  • @TNL1040 hi! I had a baby using this donor. I’ve also connected with someone who is currently pregnant with this donor as well. Wondering if you may want to connect? We’re also both in the California cryobank recipient group on Facebook!

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