3 Vials Of Donor 15765 Available

We successfully made 8 embryos our first round of IVF with this awesome donor, and now have 3 vials of IUI premium left over. If anyone is interested in purchasing since this donor is sold out, please contact me!


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    I might be interested. How much are you selling them for? I keep going back and forth with him because I love 🐱 cats 🤣

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    I'm asking for $800 per vial (paid $995 and they're still stored at CCB). We considered the cat allergy aspect as well, but ultimately, we fell in love with his personality and felt like he was meant to be our donor.

    Since I posted this, I do have an update--our first round of IVF yielded 5 PGS-tested Normal embryos; 4 girls, 1 boy.

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