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Hi! My wife and I are very excited that we narrowed our search down and just saw that 15695 has a pregnancy reported. Could you let me know how many pregnancies and if there have been any live births? Thank you!


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    @2L&AD I'm glad to hear that you and you're wife found a donor you like! Please note that reported pregnancies are generally linked to how long a donor's vials have been available and/or the popularity of his characteristics. We can share if a donor has more or less than 5 reported pregnancies.

    Donor 15695 was added to our catalog less than 3 months ago. He does have reported pregnancies, currently less than 5.


    California Cryobank

  • Hi, just sending this message out there in case others are using this donor. My wife and I just had our 3rd IUI insemination. First time I think the timing was way off and I had already ovulated. Second time the timing must have been better as it resulted in a chemical pregnancy. I was 3 days late but my HCG was only 9 before getting my period 2 days after the blood work. This time we are hoping we will be lucky. The good news that I wanted to share was that at our last try there were 42 million active swimmers so great numbers. Hoping this helps anyone else who is/will be using this donor.

  • Congratulations @nyc2020baby !! My wife and I are expecting a little boy on October 20th. We got very lucky with our third round of IUI. It’s been a wild 8 months. I wish you the very best with your pregnancy!!! ❤️

  • Just wanted to provide an update that we delivered a healthy baby boy on October 13th. We are so thankful and happy. Wishing lots of luck to everyone else.

  • My wife and I are also expecting using donor 15695. Would love to
    know how babies are doing! We are expecting in March 2021!

  • Congratulations @A2mommas !!! Our son is doing so well. He is healthy, happy, and beautiful. He’s 3.5 months now. Do you know if you are having a boy or girl?

  • @2L&AD We are expecting a boy! Only a few more weeks to go. So happy to hear of your healthy baby. We can’t wait to meet ours. 💙 wishing you all the best!

  • Hi everyone, I have a son from donor 15695 born in June 2020. I've been in touch with two other donor sibling families with babies born in July and August 2020. It's amazing how similar our kids are! Would love to connect with more. If you're interested in connecting, please post your info in the California Cryobank's sibling registry - Thanks!

  • Just waiting to be accepted on the registry but I have a little girl from donor 15695, born July 2020!

  • I’m having trouble with the registry, but I have a little boy born August 31 from donor 15695. Single mom by choice and would love to connect with other families.

  • @NJSingleMom, The sibling registry website is back up now. Please try joining and get in touch! There are five families who are currently in touch, and we would love to get to know you and your little boy as well!

  • Hi all - My wife and I welcomed a kickass baby girl in May 2021 using donor 15695. We’re currently trying for our second and are almost out of vials. If anyone has any left over, we’d love to hear from you! We’ll also connect on the sibling registry!

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