How many vials did your physician use per IUI?

I am very new to the process, but I am planning on completing my first IUI during my next cycle. My doctor is telling me I need to purchase 3 vials per round. How many vials did you use for each round?


  • They usually only use 1 vial per insemination.

  • @Meesh thank you so much for answering my post

  • My midwife uses two per cycle because we do two IUIs each—so one per IUI but two per cycle :).

  • My doctor said I might only need 1-2 depending on the vials. They might test them before hand so that might be why the order is large. Think of it as a way to ensure you get pregnant. My dr. even commented that he knew sperm vials aren't cheap and this would help increase the chances. It might also be based on your follicles. If you have a lower number of follicles ovulating each month than the increase in sperm might be for that.

  • I got pregnant with just one vial per iui.

  • Mine only used one per IUI. However, they said to ship out two per try (and the would either keep the extra one in storage on site or ship back if not needed). They wanted to at least have two on hand in case there was an issue in the thaw process (rare, but can happen).

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