IUI #3 didn't work with 14960

Sharing that my third IUI with donor 14960 was unsuccessful. I don't have any fertility issues and am in my early 30s. We chose to use a midwife which has been a great experience so far. Hoping #4 will work. Wondering any stories about changing donors and IUI working? I've been tracking my ovulation, very regular, always good timing according to our midwife. Going to check out acupuncture this round and keep my fingers crossed. She said sometimes it just takes a little longer. Any advise, success stories, much appreciated :)



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    hello. I did not use that donor but I was 29 with my son. I did a natural cycle in office. They followed my ovulation via ultrasound then I used ovidrel to trigger ovulation and was inseminated the next day. We got pregnant on the first try. We are trying for #2 and again nothing special. It really just comes down to timing. with our first I was testing and hoping we would get it the first time. This time I'm 32 and in no rush. we inseminate tomorrow. I also used the flo app and documented my periods and any ovulation symptoms to help me determine my cycles. good luck!

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    @LS15 Thank you for your reply! About a month and 1/2 after I posted that comment, the 4th IUI worked and I gave birth to a healthy baby girl in June. We're all doing great and enjoying extra family time due to WFH.

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