4th iui bfn

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Hi all,

I recently had my FOURTH IUI and it was again a BFN! I have used clomid every cycle and I responded well. I am thinking of trying again but this time if I do I will use injectables. What is a difference you noticed between the two if you've tried both? and any encouragement or experience is always helpful thanks! A little back story: 1st and 2nd iui had 1 mature follicle. 3rd had 3 and 4th had 3 and a possible 4th mature follicle. I've used the same donor 2x and two different ones the other two cycles. Everything on paper looks good. no blocked tubes, lining always great, ovulation/progesterone test 1 week post iui is always positive for ovulating. I was told my egg reserve was a little low for my age (32) but it's still within a conceiving range for my age.

P.S. I am almost ready to throw the towel in :(


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    @poeticjustice Don’t give up! Number five was my lucky one. I have a beautiful 4 month old boy now. It’s tough getting those negatives but I look at my son and think “had it worked those other times, I wouldn’t have you.” Just some things I did differently...started out on clomid but switched to letrizol after the 3rd bc clomid will thin out your uterus. And don’t focus on the number of follicles...on all my unsuccessfuls I had several. Then on my successful IUI I only had one! That’s all it takes. Also, you may not be in to this but I wrote positive affirmations down and recited them every morning and night after my last IUI. There’s truly power in positive thought. Best of luck!

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    @CGMoms2019 Wow! congrats! you give me hope. I'm definitely in to positive affirmations. Thank you so much for your advice and sharing your experience!

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    Ive done 3 "natural" cycles all negative. This month will be my fourth cycle but ill be using clomid or ill ask for letrizol and see what my doc says. Got my appointment tomorrow after new and I just really hope it works sooner than later. they say after 6 tries with meds is like the max so guess we'll see. But I understand I wonder at what point do I say enough is enough and its not meant for me? any way best wishes to you. to us.

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    @babywhisperer I understand where you're coming from. I would try to go straight to injectables if your doc lets you. Usually they try 3 cycles of clomid and if that doesn't work they move you on to injectables. after 3 rounds of injectables they start tho have the ifv talk. Yea I was gonna be done at 4 but then I felt like maybe I'm giving up too easily... So im going to try a few more times with the injectables. I should have moved on to injectables my fourth iui but I had been responding to clomid so I gave it another try and nope. I wish you the best of luck! Sending baby dust to you!

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