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  1. How did you tell extended family this was the route you were taking? (My close family already knows and has been helping me narrow down the donors but grand parents, aunts, uncles.. how do you get them on board with this lifestyle (my mom is an only child, so i am talking my grandparents siblings all 75+)

2- Do you women have any tips or advice to someone who is still researching donors. I have narrowed down to about 5.

3- What random pieces of advice can you guys throw at me? Anyone wanting to be friends and go through this journey together?


    1. I’ve only told my BFF- we call each other sister and she is always asking when I’m getting knocked up! I also told another close friend who now calls it “our” baby and wants to be there for all the appointments. I also only told two family members- two Aunts, one who has 3 kids and I had a question on fish oil pills, the other is like my spirit animal and the family member I am most closest to. Both are happy and say they know many single moms by choice ( they live in San Francisco- I feel like there would be a lot there) and support it. I honestly don’t plan on telling anyone else until I’m actually pregnant. I’m not sure how I would handle someone being unsupportive but I do know if I was pregnant they would be supportive. Weird right?
    2. see your other post! :)
    3. Random- I wouldn’t set in stone your donor, keep a few backups until you actually purchase vials. They sell out too quickly and the wait time for quarantine is 6 months and there’s no promise they will actually be there if you wait. My top 2 are sold out with some expected in the future. I’m not sure if I should gamble and wait or go with #3. My heart tells me to wait. At leas the longer I wait the more money i’ll have saved to get more vials. Plus those top 2 were only recently added in the past two months so I might not have even met the one I actually choose yet!
  • Hi! Just signed up today and going though donor profiles. I found a few that I'm interested in but it looks like they are low on inventory. My doctor told me to wait until my genetic testing results are in which should be 14 days from now. Would love to share experiences with other single women if anyone is interested.

  • Hi I just signed up and is looking at different donors but have not made my final selection.

  • hi Blue11 Hi 5901lake! I hope you both are doing well this week! : ) Glad to have more people to share with!

  • Hey Ladies!!! Yes, so exciting to have more ladies to share this journey with!

  • Hi all! I’ve had my first visit with the doctor and all the homework. It seemed a little stressful. Maybe it’s the unknown. I am told to do an IUI and will have the HCG shot after they know I have an egg to drop. But first the blood tests and the X-ray. Has anyone had the X-ray with the fluid injection. I’m told it’s uncomfortable.

  • X-ray was easy not as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. My sister was very uncomfortable so maybe it depends by person.

  • I just got that test today! The problem was the speculum! Fluid was nothing! Take Advil before!

  • Thank you so much. This is helpful. I am still trying to figure out how to navigate on here. I guess no notifications? I’m not sure I was signed in when I made the post about the X-ray? Lol

  • Oh no I think I have two profiles. Oops

  • adorable! I have to have an xray too "just in case' pretty sure I'm open but at least it's one worry to cross off.

  • Hi I’m new here, I’m in the choosing my donor phase, and feeling super overwhelmed, by all the knowledge I have about the donor background, all the medical lingo which it makes everything sound scary and makes it very hard too choose, knowing there family medical makes me wonder about a lot of scary Scenarios, don’t get me wrong I want to know as much as I can but I just don’t know if I’ll be able to make the right choice. Anyone have any thoughts about my dilemma. Would love to hear it!

  • I just finished choosing a donor...again. The first donor I was going to use ran out of vials before I was ready to purchase. My best piece of advice is to go with your gut when choosing a donor. Trust yourself. And, if looking at the medical histories / genetic test summaries is overwhelming, take them to your doctor. Let your doctor look at them with you and help you figure out what they could potentially mean for your and your baby. You are a strong, confident woman for taking the journey to be a single mom. Know that you will ultimately make the right choice for you and your family.

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