Donor 15886

Hi! I wanted to inquire about any reported pregnancies or births from donor 15886? Thank you!


  • @avocadotoast Welcome! We can share if a donor has more or less than 5 reported pregnancies. Donor 15886 was just added to our catalog 2 weeks ago, so it's too soon for reported pregnancies. He did indicate on his extended profile that he has been responsible for pregnancies in his personal life.


    California Cryobank

  • Hello! Checking to see if donor 15886 has any positive pregnancies yet? Thank you!

  • @Shootingstarshell, I can tell you that I got pregnant after my first IUI. I'm almost 9 weeks along now. Good luck!

  • Omg! @avocadotoast that’s amazing!!!! Congratulations!🎈🎊🎉 I just ordered my sample 🤞🏼 and start ivf in a few days. Praying for a sticky bean🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼.

  • Hi @avocadotoast I hope everything is going great with your pregnancy! I'm also doing IUI and would like to use this donor. Unfortunately he is currently sold out. I am hoping to use him for my next cycle. Any chance you have any vial(s) that are still stored at CCB that you would be interested in selling? Thank you!

  • @avocadotoast please email me at [email protected] if you are able to discuss possibly doing this. Thank you very much for considering and all the best to you either way.

  • @shootingstarshell I hope everything is going well for you as well!

  • @seizetheday He seems to be a pretty popular donor. When we bought our vials I want to say the representative mentioned something about believing they would have more available soon...hopefully they do.

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    @avocadotoast Hi and congrats! 🎉 My g/f and I are using this donor and wanted to connect with others who have. When are you due? Boy or girl? Joanna 😊

  • @seizetheday my apologies for missing your post last month! I hope you were able to land on a great donor in time for your cycle. While our pregnancy continues normally, we are not quite ready to sell our vials (in the event something happens or we elect to give her a sibling). That said, we will certainly keep you posted :smile:

    @BabyD10 hello! We are due mid-June with a baby girl and are getting really excited. I can tell you we were very impressed with the quality of our vial--sperm count was well above the quality standard quoted by California Cryobank and we were able to become pregnant after our first attempt. Wishing you the best of luck :smile:

  • @avocadotoast Thank you for the fast response and so exciting about your baby girl! This sounds great, all of the positive feedback you have on the donor. Do you mind if I ask your age? We are over 35 so probably going straight to IVF...

  • @BabyD10 I totally get that concern, we worked with our RE to make that same decision. I am 35 and after initial testing (everything came back normal), my RE recommended unmedicated IUI (with monitoring) to start. We were incredibly hesitant given the low success rates, but we trusted our doctor and were really fortunate that it worked. That said, I'm sure your doctor will be able to point you in the best direction for you both!

  • @avocadotoast Oh wow so lucky! I've done two IUI's in the past a couple years ago and my g/f has done one recently so we aren't sure which way to go yet. Can I ask - what did you like about this donor? What stood out for you? Just curious, sorry if I am being too nosey!

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    Hi all! I have one vial available for sale for 15886 if anyone is looking !! [email protected]

  • Hi all, we are happy to report our baby girl is doing so well and almost 3 months old. We would be happy to sell 3 vials of donor 15886 if anyone is interested. Please email at [email protected] for more information

  • Hi, I am currently pregnant using this donor. Baby girl due October 2020! I was wondering if anyone here is on a sibling registry.

  • Hello, I am curious to know if any women have conceived with a ICI vial at home with this donor 15886 please?
    Also, does any women using this donor 15886 live outside outside of the USA? For example, I live in New Zealand . Thank you

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    @HelloAll congrats on your pregnancy! We added or daughter to the registry and it looks like she is the first addition for this donor.

    @Crystalclear we conceived via IUI and we're currently located in the US.

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