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    I have one premium IUI that I was going to sell back to the Cryobank. I am not sure how transferring to you works. If you have more information on the process, I am willing to part with it.

  • Thanks! I will talk to the Cryobank and find out the process

  • I spoke with the Cryobank today- can I get your email to send you the info?

  • Yes, how do I share my email not on the public forum? I'll call them today, and see if that helps!

  • I spoke with CCB and there's no way of privately sharing an email here. If you'd like to send me yours, I will then email you! Otherwise, he told me the sibling registry is more private if you already have a membership there. I am on there, so let me know what works best for you!

  • I posted a message on the sibling registry! Thanks

  • I found a message from a different username on the Sibling Registry, just wanted to verify it is the same person (My name is different as well!). The dates didn't match up, so before I sold it to someone else who was interested, trying to check it is you!

  • Yes, that is me!!!

  • I replied in the Sibling Registry. I am delivering on the 23rd, and my storage is up October 5th so I wanted to either work it out with you or sell back to CCB before they require a storage fee :)

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