I just saw that you also picked 5527. I had my IUI on 10/8 and am currently in the 2ww. Just checking to see how everything went with you.

if you want to email me... my email is [email protected]


  • hi txjovigal,
    I am actually sandi's partner.the procedure went good. doc said she should have dropped 3 to 4 good sized folicals. sperm count was 26mil with 64 motility. they said all the numbers looked great. she has no fertility issues that we are aware of or that test have shown. so now we just wait to see. is this also your first iui? did you purchase his donor information? my partner and i finally sat down and listened to his audio interview. i had chills the whole time. we are going on a trip to disney this weekend and she had to be rides. we are both on an emotional rollercoaster with the wait. our iui date was the 13th so you have a 5 day jump on us. i wish you the best of luck. let us know how your results turn out and we will do the same.
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