Number of Reported Births? 14733

Is there a way to find out the number of reported births (or even just a range) of a given donor? I’m looking specifically at Donor 14733, but I think my question would apply to any donor I considered.


  • I would love to find out this information as well with this specific donor. I myself have used this donor and I am currently going through a CP (biochemical pregnancy miscarriage). Our plan is to continue to use him as a donor.

  • @KenneyB617 I'm sorry to hear that you're going through a CP.

    We can share if there are more or less than 5 reported pregnancies and births.

    Please note that reported pregnancies are typically linked to how long a donor has been available on our catalog and/or how popular his characteristics are. While our clients usually report their pregnancies in a timely manner, it takes longer for birth reports to come in. Some clients may announce their child's birth on these Bulletin Boards, the Sibling Registry, or a FB group, but may not send us an official birth report.

    Donor 14733 has 5 or more reported pregnancies and less than 5 reported births.

    It's important to remember that another woman's pregnancy or lack of pregnancy has no bearing on your personal chance of success. All of our donors go through a stringent screening process and less than 1% of applicants become a California Cryobank donor. Part of this screening process includes a genetic risk assessment and chromosome analysis. If you have any genetics related questions, please don't hesitate to contact our genetic counselors at 877-743-6384.


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