Donor 14911 reported pregnancies

Hi Can you advise how many reported pregnancies there are for donor 14911?


  • @jetsetter6 Donor 14911 has at least 5 reported pregnancies.


    California Cryobank

  • Following up on donor 14911 - how many reported pregnancies does he have now? Can we know how many actual kids he has from the inseminations?

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  • Having given birth to my little girl via donor 14911 on Jan 31st 2020. I was also wondering how many live births this donor has had?

  • @GermanFemme @jetsetter6 We can share if there are more or less than 5 reported pregnancies and births. Donor 14911 currently has more than 5 reported pregnancies and less than 5 reported births. Some births are expected in 2020.


    California Cryobank

  • Merry Chirstmas. Just wondering if I can get an update on donor 14911's current pregnancies and live births?

  • I had my little boy using donor 14911 in March 2021. I am urgently seeking more vials for sale to continue building my family. If anyone has extra vials please post asap.

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    Hi @Cmom9874
    We also had a little boy with Donor 14911 in March 2021. (Wouldn't it be funny if our sons had the same birthday!) We're hoping for a second kiddo, but we switched to IVF this time around, which resulted in a number of embryos from just one vial. I'm waiting for final word from my RE in the next week or so, but I think we should have 4 extras. We would love to sell them to someone at cost since the buy-back program only reimburses half the cost. Please let me know if you (or anyone else) is interested. I can confirm that (as you know) 14911 helps make very cute and sweet babies!


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