Longest 2wks EVER!!!

Lastnight I did my insemination in the comfort of my house lol. This is my second attempt using an ICI. I hope this time is a success. I'm so ready for be a mom, even though I'll be a single mom I'm up for it! Hope I made my fireworks baby lastnight and that the 4th brought me some kind of luck. Anyone else did an ICI? What was your experience?


  • Hey Danielle! I'm so excited for you and your journey. My wife and I just inseminated on July 1st and 2nd and we're also in the TWW. After having a consultation at the fertility clinic we decided that we wanted to try at home. I think it's the best decision that we've made because it was so relaxing and felt much more natural than going to a doctor's office. I've been tracking my cycles over the past year with the Flo App. About a week before my predicted ovulation I started using the Clear Blue Ovulation Kit. When I had my second "High" day we decided to go ahead and inseminate. I wanted to inseminate before bedtime so that I could stay in that relaxed state all night and let it work it's magic. I used Pre-Seed 15 mins before and at the same time my wife thawed the vial. We purchased the Mosie Baby Kit to inseminate. It was so easy to use and came with 2 applicators and a cup for the sperm. I put several pillows under my hips so that they would stay up all night. We repeated the process the next day because I read somewhere that you should inseminate twice during a 12 hour period. We are now in the TWW and I swear I'm feeling symptoms of pregnancy. We will know for sure on the 18th. When will you test? I am sending you all of the positive vibes, prayers, and baby dust. You've totally got this!!!

  • @Bluelinemoms19 hi! I actually used Mosie Baby too! But I also used a 1cc syringe due to me seeing someone had used that on a youtube channel. I too wanted it to feel more natural and that's why I choose to do it at home, plus it saved me some money lol. I'm not sure yet if I'm experiencing pregnancy symptoms or if it's just all in my head due to me wanting a baby so bad. I won't test til the 20th or if I miss my period. I trying really hard not to do a test til I miss my period but we'll see lol. What are some of your symptoms? What do you and your wife want to have? Thank you for the positive vibes and baby dust this way. I pray and wish the same for you as well! Keep me posted.

  • @DanielleCherish the saving money part was a big factor for us too lol. I have been tired everyday and I've had to pee a lot more than usual. I've been feeling just a little bit nauseous after I eat and yesterday I started feeling some tenderness in my breasts (different from my period). I also have been wondering if I'm making it up in my head lol. I read a lot of articles yesterday that said all of these symptoms begin in the first week.......eeeeekkkkk.....staying positive and speaking it into existence. What about you? What are you feeling?

  • @DanielleCherish Oh! one thing that I also did 3 days before insemination is I went to a spa and got a hip bath. Idk if you've heard of that before but I know several people who have gotten pregnant afterwards because it steams your vaginal area and gets the blood circulation going. It preps you for conception.

  • @Bluelinemoms19 I've been feeling a little nauseous especially when I lay on my stomach and actually feeling that way right now, but I don't want to get my hopes up so I'll wait til I have proof (pregnancy test next week). That's the only symptom I'm having oh and alot of gas lol. Yes I definitely wanted to save as much money as I could especially since I had to buy sperm and don't have the option like straight women who have a partner (free sperm lol). But I'm actually very happy with the route I took to have my bundle of joy. I don't have to worry about no one else's opinion or input when I was ready to conceive. Yesssss let's stay positive!!! Hopefully we're both preggo and hey even have our babies 'round the same time lol. We can share what we're going through during our pregnancy. It'll be nice to know someone that's has the same experience you had when conceiving. Are you going to be able to hold out til the 18th to test?

  • @Bluelinemoms19 no I've never heard of that "Spa hip bath" is that something new? So do you have to go to a specific Spa place? I only exercised, used pre-seed and rested and prayed that everything went well. I know my bestfriend went and got several massages while she was pregnant and she said it made her body feel less tense because she was also working all the way up til she delivered. I prob. get a massage while I'm pregnant. Do you think you'll have weird food cravings? Do you think you'll have morning sickness? I'm pretty sure I'll get morning sickness but I don't think I'll have weird food cravings lol. My friend ate stuff like applesauce on pizza and Doritos dipped in ice cream smh lol.

  • @DanielleCherish lol. It's hard but I know that the 18th is just around the corner so I'm using restraint lol. You'd have to find a place near you that has the hip bath because it's not a common thing. It's Chinese medicine. You sit on a steampot of herbs. I don't know. I might have some morning sickness and food cravings. Yes!! I'd love to keep in touch!! This will be the best adventure.

  • @Bluelinemoms19 I feel you on that it is definitely hard to wait lol but you can do it! I forgot to tell you that the 18th is my sister birthday. Yeah I didn't think it was a common/out there place because I never heard of anyone talk about it. I'll have to google it...lol I google and watch YouTube videos for everything. My lower back started hurting lastnight, but it could be period symptoms. Girl I just don't know and that's what's driving me crazy! I can't wait to find out on the 20th. Ok great! Yes I'll have to say that this will be a very interesting experience that won't be boring lol.. I've been rubbing my belly and talking to it already lol

  • Me too! I think you just know and you have to speak it into existence. I have been driving myself crazy with the symptoms because now I don't really feel the symptoms as much as I did for a the several days. I guess we'll know in just a few days. smile:

  • @Bluelinemoms19 very true!! It's countdown time this week yay!!! I'm excited. Are you and your wife excited and nervous?? The 18th and 20th is right around the corner. I was craving Toll House Chocolate Lovers Cookies yesterday so I had to go get them lol

  • @DanielleCherish I have been so nervous all week. I tested last night and this morning and they were both negative. I'm supposed to start my cycle today but if I haven't started in a few days then I will retest. If it's still a negative then we will just try again. :smiley: I can't wait for your test! I am praying for you and sending you all of the baby dust. Fingers crossed. :smiley:

  • @Bluelinemoms19 did you ever come on your cycle yet today? I've heard of some people getting a negative test but actually being pregnant because their period never came..so y'all testing again is a good idea! I test on Saturday unless my period comes then there's no need to test lol.. I'll definitely keep you posted. Thank you!

  • @DanielleCherish I'm dying to know how today went for you. I still haven't gotten my period buy it could be the stress of everything. I took a test today but still said negative. I'm going to take another one tomorrow from a different brand and batch and see. My fingers are crossed for you girl.

  • @Bluelinemoms19 I came on my period today and I'm so sad and bummed! This was second attempt. I'm trying to stay positive, i really am but it's so hard right now. I'm not sure when I'll try again because I'll have to save up again for it. I wish we both could have gotten pregnant and been talking about how many weeks we were. I wish you and your wife success the next go round!

  • @DanielleCherish I'm so sorry. We both will have success when it's our time. We're going to try again in a few weeks. I know your sweet baby will come soon. Keep me updated.

  • @DanielleCherish when are you trying next? We just inseminated today and we will again tomorrow. We went with a different cryobank this time.

  • @Bluelinemoms19 I'm not sure of when I'll be trying again. Since it was my second time trying with no success I've decided to go see an OB GYN to have her look/test to see if anything is wrong and to ask as what I should try next. But I'll have to save again so don't know when I'll be trying again. Good luck to you guys!!!! I hope you have success. Keep me posted. #babydust

  • So I know I am late to the game (just discovered this forum today and most of the posts are from 2018!! so dont mind me jumping into your convo -- hope it doesnt come off as weird...) , but just reading the encouragement between the two of you going back to July is so encouraging and makes me happy! I was crushed when I read both of your negative results... @DanielleCherish Just keep trying! Seeing a doctor is a great idea and maybe can get you some answers!

    @Bluelinemoms19 Good luck!!! I would be curious to know your results (if you are willing to share lol)! When do you test? Sending you both positive vibes on this journey.

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