My Little Family

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Hi! Three and a half years ago I decided to become a SMBC. I have PCOS and went through a lot of fertility treatments to have my little man. He is about to turn a year old in a little over a week. I plan to start trying for baby #2 next spring.


  • After reading your story, I am hopeful. We have tried 3 iuis with my wife. We will be trying our 4th iui in a few months but this time I will be trying to conceive. I was recently diagnosed with PCOS last month. My doctor has me on metformin and later Clomid. We’re pretty nervous but excited. Good luck!

  • I had 3 failed IUIs with Clomid. It just didn’t work for me. The 4th time around I was put on metformin and was able to produce a mature egg.
    I always think the universe made those first three fail so I’d get my son, because the first three times I used a different donor that I ended up not being able to use the fourth time and that’s when it finally worked.

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