donor 13681

has anyone had any success with this donor?

He is really our only option as we are looking for a korean donor who is cmv negative. My first iui with this donor failed (and the post thaw count was only 5mil) looking forward to round two but was wondering if there is anyone who has successfully gotten pregnant through this donor.



  • MadmaxmomMadmaxmom Posts: 1
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    Yes, my wife and I successfully conceived on our second try with this donor through IUI. Our daughter was born on June 20th and is a beautiful smart 15 month old now. I was also CMV negative and he was our only option but an awesome choice in my opinion.

  • Thank you so much for updating me! My wife and I just confirmed that I'm pregnant from our third IUI with this donor. I'm thrilled to hear that your daughter turned out beautiful and smart!! Thank you so so much

  • We have twins from this donor, so if we’re counting he’s at 7 successful pregnancies :)

  • Does anyone have any vial from donor 13681 they are willing to sell? I actually have twins by this donor and wanted to have one more if possible. Also hello to all the donor siblings!

  • Atlantic26Atlantic26 Posts: 2
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    I have two vials...if you would like to purchase them please let me know.

  • MJG123MJG123 Posts: 6
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    Atlantic26, have these vials sold? I have one child from this donor and also looking for another vial. Thank you!

  • We sold ours back to California cryo.. sorry

  • Hi, my family has two vials left in storage that we are willing to pass on. Please get in touch if you're still looking.

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