Donor 15285

I'm looking for additional vials of Donor 15285. I bought an odd number when I was doing IUI and the clinic requires at least two vials be on the premise for each procedure and I'm down to my last one.


  • Hello @puchita, my partner and I will no longer be using this donor#15285. We have two vials left for sale, $995 for each vial. We are selling them as a pair.

  • That's great. how do we go about this? do I call California Cryobank?

  • Hey @puchita, I’ve never done this before but we can call California Cryobank to find out.

  • Hey @puchita ... I called California Cryobank, they said after the sell of the vials we both would have to fill out a Transfer of Ownership form.

  • I called and they told me I would be added to a list. Then once you sell the vials back to California, everyone on the list gets an email and it's first come first serve. Kind of annoying.

  • Yes, that’s an option but my partner and I decided not to sell it back because the cryobank is offering us less money than what we payed for. They will then sell it again for regular price, which is $995 for each. @puchita

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    OK @Sunny Day they emailed me the form. I'm not sure how to direct message you on this thing.

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