Any success with donor 15445

anwilliamsanwilliams Posts: 12
edited May 29, 2019 9:40PM in Selecting a Sperm Donor

We are considering this donor. Please let me know, thanks!


  • Has anyone had any success with this donor? We just used this donor and hoping for positive stories.

  • I've used 4 vials so far with this donor and no luck.. 2 cycles so far, 2 IUI's each cycle. So 2 vials per cycle. My doctor does an IUI on the first day and another on the second to "better the chances" of becoming pregnant. Vials were 30-40 million at the time. Just ordered another 2, really hoping we catch this time because we really love this donor. He has had pregnancies, so that's awesome. Fingers crossed! Hope you get your BFP!! Good luck :)

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