Donor 14250

Has anyone had success with this donor?


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    @Louise2018 Yes, Donor 14250 has more than 5 reported pregnancies.

    He completed our donor program and only has 19 vials left. If you are thinking about doing IUI cycles or having multiple children from the same donor, it's important to purchase and store multiple vials for future inseminations now.

    We provide 1 year of free storage with the purchase of 4 or more vials and we provide 3 years of free storage with the purchase of 8 or more vials. Here's more info on our free storage programs: https://www.cryobank.com/services/additional-services/family-today---family-tomorrow/


    California Cryobank

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    Hi! I have a daughter of this donor, and i want to get in touch with other families

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