TWW IUI donor 13395

Yesterday IUI
First time trying fertility. Other kids but not by insemination.
Hoping it works first time. Anyone else going thru tww?
So far I haven’t experience much pain a little 3 hours after iui but ok.
This process was a little weird for me thinking about how many half sibling my child could have. But hoping for the best!!


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    How are you doing? It's only been just over a week since you posted this--but do you know if you are pregnant now? Was it easy to do at-home insemination? For my first round of trying I want to spend as little $ as possible...

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    I’m doing!! Few more days until i take the blood test. I took at home test at 7dpiui but it was negative and too early to tell. I didn’t do at home insem and attend a clinic. IUI isn’t as expensive as IVF the most expensive was the sperm. Almost from what I’ve seen many spend a lot trying at home vs going to fertility clinic. It seems rare for at home to work first try as it’s a ICI vs IUI. May as well skip the hassle and go to clinic
    Thanks for checking in
    I’ll let you know what happens on day 15.

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