Diblings for Donor 12818

Has anyone had successful pregnancies with Donor 12818? We have a girl born July 2017 and would love to connect with other families? I’m hoping there’s a FB page set up but haven’t seen anything on the sibling registry (we have registered there). Thanks for any info!



  • I have a baby boy born 12/04/2017

  • That’s exciting! We’ve been looking to connect with other families.

  • That is! So have I. My wife is a bit less interested. I feel like it would be nice to connect.

  • I completely understand. I have my email address listed in my user profile if you’d like to potentially email or set up a private FB page. My wife is hesitant about connecting as well, but it has been amazing to see pictures of the dibs for our older daughter. No pressure either way. It’s just nice to know she’s connected to another family out there.

  • I wouldn't mind. Yes I agree. One day if he asks it would be nice to let him know of other siblings. I m not sure how to find your email but my email is [email protected]

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