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I am looking for help in using cryobank. My husband and I had always hoped to have children one day. Unfortunately, we won't be able to have children naturally together as we have been given the news that my husband has male factor. I am having a hard time in coming to terms with this sudden news. It has been a few months and its feels daunting and like someone has taken our hopes and dreams away from us. I know using a sperm bank is an option however, it has been hard to come to terms in using this solution. Any advice or words of wisdom would be very helpful to me. I appreciate any advise you can give me.


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    @McGrale18 I'm sorry to hear that you and your husband are going through a difficult time. One of our couples that experienced infertility due to male factor were gracious enough to publicly share their story in a video, hoping it might help others in a similar situation. Here is a link to this 5-minute video:

    Also, Sarah (from the video), wanted me to share this with you:

    "The good news is this (donor insemination) is not your only option! But, I guess I would first suggest you watch our video on the CCB YouTube channel! It's called family stories: Chris & Sarah.

    You are not alone! <3

    I definitely think if you are struggling, it's worthwhile to talk with someone (a professional) about what you are feeling. Because it may become a non issue for you. You may choose to be a childless couple, to use a donor and birth your child who is 100% yours (even if you are not both genetically related), or adopt a child or children who also will be 100% yours! Or, you may choose to pursue a combination of all the options! We chose to have a donor conceived child and then became licensed foster parents!
    The important thing is to let this trial/struggle bring you together and not pull you apart!!"


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  • @cryo-admin . Thank you so much. This was very helpful.

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