Donor 15103

@cryo-admin how many reported pregnancies has this donor had? Do you guys know how many births there has been?

We just reported one- 5 weeks so far and everything looks great! anyone else?



  • @K&j Congratulations! Donor 15103 has more than 5 reported pregnancies. We currently have less than 5 reported births. We're waiting to hear back from some families and most aren't due until later this year.

    Feel free to join our free Sibling Registry to interact with families that are expecting or have a child from the same donor:


    California Cryobank

  • @K&j I am doing IVF with this donor first week of December! How far along are yoI?

  • @Babyboy13 Sorry didn't see this. She is currently 5 weeks old :)

  • Boosting. Any parents that want to reach out for this donor let me know, we'd love to stay close with siblings (whatever you're comfortable with) but would love to connect!

  • HI K&j, would love to know how your journey with 15103 went? Do you have a happy healthy baby? I am about to try again with him. Hopefully successful this time.

  • K&jK&j Posts: 23
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    @Elanze yes! We have a beautiful, happy, funny, healthy little toddler. Any update with your journey?

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