2 Failed IUI’s, looking for some positives 😔

My wife and I have tried three times with donor 13009. My wife was diagnosed with PCOS after the first IUI. For IUI’s 2 and 3, we had some help with letrozol but ended up with 2 “chemical” pregnancies. Things are clearly happening...but not what we want to happen.
Should we switch donors, or purchase a newer donor’s vials? Anyone have success with the Filipino donors?


  • CGMoms2019
    Thank you for the support. We had that donor favorited, but went with donor 13906 because our music styles are similar 😊. Was Progesterone prescribed to you for a certain reason? Good luck the your remaining weeks, and I hope delivery is easy! Just curious, who were the other donors, if you don’t mind sharing. If you do mind, I understand.

  • Good luck with 13906, we were unsuccessful for the first iui without medication then tried Clomid for the second. That too was not successful then upped the dosage and boom! Pregnant on the third try. Our baby was healthy and I had an easy pregnancy. We're going to try again with this donor later in the year. Good luck!

  • Thank you CPHill! I actually emailed you a few months ago where you provided me with a picture. We are currently just about 7 weeks pregnant and will be having our first check in with our doctor next week. Good luck with this donor when you are ready!

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