2nd Child Male Infertility

My husband had a spermatocele removed 9 months after the birth of our daughter in 2009. Because of several complications from the surgery (blood clot, scarring) he has now been diagnosed as having an involuntary vasectomy. Our new urologist has suggested a microscopic surgery to TRY to find the kink or blockage but after factoring in cost, recovery time, pain and suffering as well as only 30% chance of success - we are looking into using donor sperm to conceive a second child.
My question is this: Has anyone gone through a similar situation of having a biological child first and then using a donor for the second?
My husband is an amazing man and an out of this world Father - we are working with a wonderful fertility counselor who is helping us come to terms with this situation but ultimately - I think being able to talk to another Father who has gone through something similar would finally put to rest any residual fears that may be lingering.

If anyone is willing to share their story - it would really help!

Thanks everyone in advance!
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