Donor 15664

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Does anyone have extra vials of donor 15664? He is our top choice and are looking to purchase in the near future.



  • I just purchased this donor- giving it a try in a couple of weeks! Fingers are crossed :)

  • Let us know how it goes for you!

  • I just had an IUI with this donor. I’m currently 4DPO. I will update next Monday!

  • Yay! Congrats!

  • Any update on pregnancy?

  • I got pregnant from this donor on the second try natural cycle (the first time may have been a timing factor- I did not get a positive ovulation kit until day 14 of my cycle, which was on the late side!). I got a natural IUI on July 2 and got a positive pregnancy July 15th! Almost 15 million sperm count in the first vial and almost 17 million in the second! The fertility clinic says that they look for at least 9-10 million. His numbers were great. Cann227, if you end up pregnant with this donor, our kids would be due around the same time. So fun!

  • Thank you at eee428 I had my first IUI this Wednesday so I’m in my two week wait with this donor. Congratulations and I’m hoping everything goes good for me too :)

  • Cool! Yay!! Keep us posted and I’ll do the same.

  • I will 🤗

  • Hey everyone!! Sorry for the delay! My IUI last month with this donor was unsuccessful, but my wife and I will be moving to IVF hopefully starting in August. I’m hoping to be pregnant by September. I wish we started with this donor from the beginning. We had a few unsuccessful rounds with 14874. I had a chemical in May. We decided to move on to this donor and we like him very much especially because he has adult photos. It just gives us a better idea of how our child will look. My IUI with this donor was 13 million. We are moving on to IVF because I will have insurance coverage for it. I will keep you guys updated! eee428 we should connect once I am pregnant! Let me know how your pregnancy goes! Good luck Jademom08!! I hope your first IUI with this donor works!

  • Good luck Cann227! I have a feeling you will also have success with this donor! Im I’m looking forward to the good news and I’m sending good vibes your way! Let’s definitely connect when you’re pregnant. I think connecting with other families with the same donor one of the most fascinating parts of this process! I chose the single mom route and am looking forward to building a community :) GOOD LUCK!!! 🍀

  • Ps... Yes! this donor seems like an all around winner!

  • We are happy to connect with others with the same donor as well, we are currently buying this donor as well as 15451!

  • That’s great!! Keep us posted :) If you’re buying both donors, will you each do one? And will you do them at the same time?! Anyways, very cool. Congrats! 15451 also looks like a great one!

  • That would be awesome, but I’m not quite ready to carry. My beautiful partner will be carrying for us. And, we are thinking to purchase the vials and not be told which one she is being inseminated with so we can keep it exciting. We like both donors very much but don’t want to get “stuck” on one or the other.

  • What a fun and creative way to do it! Keep us all posted! :)

  • new to the whole donor world im 21 hoping to be a single mom was looking at this donor as well was planning to buy a few vials from him and save till im ready

  • Hi @Cann227, any updates on your last try??

  • Hi! We are looking to purchase additional vials of donor 15664. Does anyone have extra they'd like to sell?

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    Hi @dreamingAboutBabyJ -
    How many vials are you looking for?

  • hi @bluewater - we are ideally looking for any amount, hoping for at least 2 ICI vials...Are you willing to sell some of yours?

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    @dreamingAboutBabyJ - We have a couple extra IUI vials if that's of interest.

  • @bluewater sent you an email! thanks

  • Hi! Checking in! Did anyone else have luck with this donor? I’m 28 weeks with a healthy baby boy. Due March 26! It’s been a great pregnancy. I’ve been sick, but the baby has been healthy and has been developing perfectly. Looking forward to March!

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    Wow congrats! Yes, we got pregnant on our first/only IUI (unmedicated) with this donor. I'm currently 12 weeks, due in July. I've been sick too :s but so far seems like the baby is doing well.

  • Yay! That’s great news!!! Congratulations! I became pregnant on the second try natural IUI. Do you plan to use the sibling registry? Best of luck with your pregnancy! I hear the first 3 months are the hardest. I’m still getting sick every few days, but my energy levels are SO much better! I would love to remain in touch! I think the siblings make this process a very special one :)

  • Yes we plan to use the registry. Glad to hear your energy level are better!

  • Fantastic! I look forward to being in touch one day! Until then- I hope you feel better soon. Hang in there! Safe and healthy pregnancy

  • Hello, I'm looking to purchase donor 15664 as well. If you have any extra vials please feel free to contact me at [email protected] Thank you so much, and good luck to you all.

  • I gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy on 3/27/2020. He was 7 lbs 6oz and 20” long! He is as sweet and healthy as can be! The greatest gift ❤️

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