Donor success?

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Any reported pregnancies or live births for these donors?

13937, 13950, 13906, and 15068?


  • Yes, a beautiful baby boy with donor 13906! He's gorgeous, I wish I could post a photo

  • Awe, Congratulations @CPHill
    My wife recently posted a comment on cryobank's Facebook page in the community section inquiring about a few donors. Look for April Williams. You can message her a picture there. I appreciate your feedback and I'm so happy to hear that this donor has a confirmed birth. It's hard trying to find the perfect donor because of my unique background. There's a few we are interested in, but are having a hard time deciding which one we like the most. Our 1st IUI was successful with donor 12983, but unfortunately my wife miscarried at 8 weeks.

  • I couldn't find her but if you still wanted to see him let me know. [email protected]

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