IUI or ICI vials

Does anyone have any advice on whether or not you get a higher count when purchasing IUI or ICI vials? I had an IUI that ended in a BFN with a sperm count of only 9 million. It was an IUI vial. I find this count to be very low considering the price. I’ve purchased vials from Seattle Sperm Bank that costs less with counts in the 20 million range. I want to know if anyone has received any counts in the 20 million range post wash with California. Did you use IUI or ICI and have it washed by your clinic?


  • @Cann227 I have gone through 1 round of IUI...all the vials I have purchased are ICI. My RE's office reccomended this due to IUI vials already being washed prior to shipment...on the day of the procedure my RE does their own wash in office. I was told this could make for lower counts VS. 1 wash with the ICI.
    The count for my donor after washing in the office was 19 mil.

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