Donor #5314

Hello, I just want to briefly share my personal experience and journey...I was inseminated using sperm from donor #5314 back in December of 2003, a healthy baby boy was born August 2004. At the time I was on steady lesbian relationship and the plan was to raise him together. Well, it didn’t turn out that way, I ended the relationship and became a single mom by choice when my son was almost 2 years old.
My son is now 14 and I’ve been single all these years. He knows the whole story of how he was conceived and accepts it, but from time to time, gets frustrated and upset with me for not having a father. He tells me that was a right I took from him. Although my son loves me and we have a wonderful very close relationship, I know there’s a part of him missing, that is eager to be completed or fulfilled and that’s the part of not having a full identity because of the lack of fatherhood in his life.
As much as it hurts me seeing my son hurting this way, I am so blessed and grateful for this gift of life. I loved the journey of being a mother and sharing these past 14 years with an amazing person. Sometimes I look at him and wonder how the donor looks and imagine some of my son’s mannerisms and reactions that are so different from mine, being so similar those of the donor.
It’s amazing being a mother and even more so in this non traditional way. Motherhood is full of surprises, but they’re all so worth it!


  • I was the person who posted this message above, if you’re an offspring of this donor or related to him or the actual donor #5314 please feel free to contact me, this will open so many doors for my son’s self identity and confidence during this time of puberty and change in his life. Thank you!
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