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My partner and I just got our bfn pregnancy result yesterday. This was our 3rd IUI and all have been negative for pregnancy. My first two cycles were on clomid and I only had 1 good egg each time. This last cycle I was on clomid as well and had 3 good eggs and tested a high positive on my progesterone blood test a week after we inseminated so I really thought this last time would work. My question to you all is how many iui's before your bfp? And if you gave up on IUI how many did you try before giving up? I am going to take a break for a few months and try again. Just wanted to get you ladies feedback because I am so discouraged and overwhelmed. Thanks!


  • @poeticjustice, I am currently halfway through my TWW from my 3rd IUI. I really hope it works this time. My doctor says that if it does not work, we will move on to Femara plus injectables. The injectables will hopefully boost the follicles produced. My first IUI, I was on Clomid but it wiped out my uterine lining. I had two good sized follicles. The second IUI, I was on Femara and had 1 good-sized follicle and one that was a little smaller. This 3rd IUI, I was on Femara and ended up with 3 good-sized follicles and one slightly smaller. We'll see how it goes. My fingers are crossed.
    Don't give up hope. :)

  • @mommy2.0 Wow congrats! I hope it turns up to be a bfp! I am going to ask about different medications when I try again. I know they may not want to though since I respond to the clomid. Anyhow it's hard not to give up but I won't thank you much!

  • @poeticjustice Hi there. Don’t get discouraged. I had 3 unsuccessful IUI’s and took a break as well. I used clomid for all 3 of those cycles and produced several eggs every time. I ended up switching doctors after number 3 for geographical reasons and the new doctor flushed out my tubes to make sure I had nothing blocking them. He then switched me to letrizol bc he said clomid can thin out your uterus. Sure enough, number 4 did not work bc my uterine lining was too thin from clomid. But I’m happy to report that number 5 worked. I’m now 25 weeks pregnant with a sweet boy. I know it can be frustrating...we even used different donors! But it will work for you. Stay positive!

  • @poeticjustice I also want to add that on the letrizol, I was only producing one mature follicle as opposed to 3 and 4 with clomid. It has less of a risk for multiples. But you only need one good follicle so don’t get too hung up numbers. I was the same way until I realized I only needed the one ☺️

  • @CGMoms2019 Thanks so much for responding! Yea I got the same procedure done my tubes are fine. My lining has been great every time so the clomid hasn't affected mine. Yes it's so frustrating and emotionally draining. Congrats on your bfp! Wishing you the best and thanks for your kind words! We'll try again around late summer!

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    What were your sperm counts each try? I’m worried that’s California Cryobank seems to have low spent counts compared to other Cryobanks.

  • @Cann227 The motility was 55% I'm not sure what the count was I seen someone else who used the same donor say the count was like 20 million I believe if I remember correctly. What has your experience been? Why are you concerned Cryobank has low counts?

  • I just had my 2nd IUI using sperm from California Cryobank. The first time our numbers were 41 motility and 9 million sperm count. I got a BFN. My IUI on Thursday was 53 motility and 12 million sperm. I used the IUI premium vials both times. I’m not sure what’s premium about those low numbers. My very first IUI ever was with Seattle Sperm Bank. The sperm was cheaper per vial and my count was 22 million. I got my BFP the first time, but suffered a missed miscarriage at 15 weeks. We decided to switch donors because we just wanted a fresh start. We decided to give California a try because they have more options for donors, but if I don’t get pregnant after my third IUI, I might switch back to Seattle.

  • @Cann227 I’m sorry that happened to you. Dang this sucks that’s frustrating. I thought about switching but I’m so used to cryo and it’s more convenient for me. I wish you guys the best of luck.

  • I’m used to California as well at this point. The service has been very good. I’m really hoping that this IUI worked.

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