IUI vial for sale Donor 14132

We have one IUI vial for sale. Currently being stored at CCB. Donor 14132.



  • Is this vial still available?

  • Hello Aburres - my partner and I would be interested in purchasing this. I hope this message gets to you. Thanks

  • Hi Monty, I'm sorry but we had to sell the vial back to California Cryo Bank, since our storage was up in January.

  • No worries at all Aburres, thank you for your response. We still have two remaining, so fingers crossed we wont need a third. Hope all goes well with your pregnancy/birth.

  • Let me know if you get pregnant. There is a group of other parents using donor 14132 that have children, if that is something you’d be interested in. We just had our twin boys using 14132 on February 28th. Good luck to you on your journey!

  • That’s great! Will keep in touch if we have luck with this donor too!

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