Donor 15309

Has anyone had success with donor 15309? We just did our first round of IUI with him and we were not successful. We are now prepping for round 2. Our second choice would be Donor 15693 if anyone has used him.


  • Was your second round with 15309 successful? My husband and I are about to do our first round of iui next week with this donor.

  • My first round of IUI with this donor was successful. There was a post wash sperm count of 68 million. I was on a combination of Clomid (100 mg) and Letrozole (5mg) for 5 days then an Ovidrel (250mg) trigger shot.

  • We were successful on our 4th round. Switched after the first then went back to 15309 on the 4th and got our BFP last month. I am now 7 weeks and 6 days

  • Congratulations!! I’m glad it worked out for you. I’ll keep praying for a healthy and safe pregnancy for you.

  • Quick update for anyone using this donor. We had a chemical pregnancy with this donor so will be doing IUI round 2 this month.

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