How many vials do we get?

My wife and I are about to start trying IUI, but we're not sure how many vials to purchase. Ideally we would both carry (me now, her in 1-2 years). I know that the buyback program exists, but it's just such a HUGE amount of money to pay for lots of vials all at once.

We need two vials per IUI try, and we don't want to risk running out if it doesn't work the first time. So many things to consider! Any help or advice would be GREATLY appreciated.


  • Hiya
    I can only offer my experience which was that i found a donor I really loved and connected with, but due to budget, only bought 3 vials. Those cycles were not successful, then i learned that my donor had quit! And he went from 25 plus vials available to none overnight! Arghh! I was lucky enough to grab his last four vials- although I waited 6 months for those to become available! So i guess apart from budget, it just depends how important it is for you to use the same donor. In the end i just thought, yes, It is a lot of money, but without the vials i cant move forward. At least i have some comfort with the 50% buyback offer .

    Everything crossed for you and your wife’s success!!! :)

  • We bought 8 of our chosen donor. Had our first iui in November and 1st time was all it took. We’re currently 7wks. So, long story short we only used one vial of iui premium for our iui. We have seven left. 4 stored still at this bank, and still 3 stored at our local bank. We plan to have another little join our family in 3 years. I honestly would rather be safer than sorry. Our donor is completely out of vials and is no longer in the donor program.

  • We bought 2 at a time a first to save on shipping. As we had multiple failed iuis and our donor started running low on vials, i think we bought 10 to qualify for the free ccb storage. Our first son took 6 iui attempts and our twin girls were conceived on the first iui. We were lucky enough to form a large group of extended donor family with others that used our same donor. We were able to sell our 7 leftover vials to another family at full price and avoided losing the 50% ccb takes by doing so if you seek then back to the bank directly. Ccb will provide you will all the documents to do that type of transaction if needed.

  • My wife and I bought 4 vials. My wife wanted to purchase 8, but due to the amount of money, we decided to start with 4. Lucky I got pregnant after our first IUI using 1 vial. My wife plans to carry in 2 years.

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