Donor 14639

Hello! My partner and I had a successful pregnancy using Donor 14639 (IUI). We have an incredible and even tempered 10 month old girl. One other thread on here I saw had four other pregnancies (3 of which confirmed girls). I am wondering if there were any males born from this donor?! My partner had her eggs harvested and fertilized in the spring for future pregnancies, and we were wondering if we should do genetic testing for sex. Curious, as the donor was one of three boys, we though we might have an even mix of children, yet the results are proving otherwise! Hope to hear from you.



  • I had a girl. I did this via IVF and have 3 embryo's in storage. I have not done genetic testing to see if they are a girl. When I go to have a second I will and will let you know at that point. But it is very interesting that most people seemed to have girls from this donor :)

  • Thanks jjsil23! Good luck on your future pregnancies. We're thinking about having three children total, so if number 2 is also a girl, we may do some testing on the remaining embryos for possible boys in the mix! (We have 9 embryos right now). I've thought about the sibling registry, but my wife isn't wholly on board with it yet. We shall see!

  • I have a girl too. Would love to stay connected with other babies by this donor. My email is [email protected]

  • Hi
    I have a girl from this donor as well.

  • Hi all, I am seeking vials for donor 14639 if anyone has any they will not be using please reach out. I'd like to try for a sibling and I don't have enough vials at this point. I'm also listed on the sibling registry - Amy

  • We have two or three vials we most likely wont be using - certainly not one but ours are stored with our fertility clinic in iowa. Don’t know how that would be of any help. Good luck!

  • @iowamom2be23 thanks for the quick response! I believe they can be shipped between clinics with a transfer form of some sort. I know some people change clinics so there should be some sort of process for it. If you're willing to part with even 1 vial I'd be very grateful and will do all the research - my email is [email protected].

  • Hey There,
    My wife and I are looking to see if anyone has any extra vials from this donor. We have a daughter from this donor and would like to have another if possible. I am in the middle of my 2 week wait with one 1 vial remaining. Thank you in advance. [email protected]

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