1/2 through tww!!

We’re half way through our tww and can’t wait until the 1st! This is our first go around with iui, and I know we shouldn’t get our hopes up to much but it’s just too exciting!! We brought 8 vials of 15043 hopefully enough for this go around and another in a couple of years!!!


  • We're also halfway through our tww for our first iui. I'm hoping this next week will go faster! Trying not to get my hopes up too. I took my progesterone test yesterday and I think I ovulated (10.6)?? But, I usually break out right before my period and I seem to be breaking out now...so I don't know if that's a bad sign or not. We bought 10 vials, hoping for two babies eventually. Good luck to you!

  • @bonnielass We had progesterone tested Friday. It came back at 16.5 so for sure ovulated! We did femara and had a trigger shot. Had slight spotting so staying hopeful!! But the wait for sure stinks! Hopefully everything works out for you!!!

  • Sooo... I got a little antsy and had my wife do a HPT earlier than we were told to... (were supposed to wait until Saturday 12/1).... but the tests came back POSITIVE!!! We did a digital test yesterday that was Pos and a regular two line test this morning and it was super pos.... So were going to test again tomorrow and Saturday before we let our fertility clinic know... are the good positives or did we jump the gun? Our IUI was the 17th and we triggered the night of the 15th... still a little shocked that this took on our first try!

  • @sharpie1104 that's amazing! I hope you had more positive tests today. We had a crazy day today. I had symptoms of my period for the past two days, though the bleeding was less than a normal period. So my dr had me come into to start the next cycle, to get a baseline for the next round. She just handed me the prescription for clomid when the nurse came in and said I had a positive urine pregnancy test! So I immediately had a beta test, and HCG was at 38! So its a positive for us too! Though, I need to temper my enthusiasm since I am still spotting off and on for the past 3 days, which is a little disconcerting. We take our next test on Sunday and if that's positive go back to the dr on Monday. I'll be happy and a little less worried if on Sunday those numbers double. I wasn't even supposed to test for pregnancy until Monday, so crazy. We really weren't expecting any positive results until at least 3 IUIs...shocked on our end too!

  • @bonnielass tested yesterday and today and both are positive!! Super excited!! We’re definitely shocked it took the first time! We were honestly expecting the typical 3/4 cycles, hence the 8 vial purchase. Congrats to you guys too!!! So exciting!!

  • our HCG levels yesterday went up to 95, in the right direction. Next test tomorrow, hoping it doubled again!

  • we just had our first beta test this morning we will have the results tomorrow!! congratulations!! its super exciting!!

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    @bonnielass our beta is 345!!! Dr said our numbers look fantastic and we'll test again tomorrow!! Hope everything is going in the right direction for you guys too!!!

  • Thanks! Glad to hear your numbers are going up too. Yesterday we were at 510! My arms are getting sore from all the blood draws, but its worth it! So exciting!

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    @bonnielass Super exciting!! Our number from the test we did yesterday (Thursday) is 893!! We have one more beta drawl on Monday then we schedule our first ultrasound after that!!

  • Our beta numbers for Monday’s drawl was 5287! We’ll update after our ultrasound!!

  • We're having our first ultrasound on Thursday! I'm so nervous! Our last draw was 5,599, so we're right around the same! Good luck for your ultrasound!

  • @bonnielass our ultrasound is Thursday too!!

  • Saw our the little peanut yesterday!! It’s only one! Heart rate was 126!!

  • @bonnielass how is everything going? We had another ultrasound today! HR is 160. So far so good. 10wks tomorrow. Our official due date is Aug 10th!

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    @sharpie1104 everything is going well! We're 11 weeks today, due Aug 11th! We had our first prenatal last week and saw baby (singleton) moving hands and feet and heard heartbeat. We've now had multiple ultrasounds, so we announced this week! We're still in shock. I'm just happy to wake up each day and still be pregnant!

  • @sharpie1104 did you guys do NIPT? We did last week and are now anxiously awaiting the results. We should find out this week...

  • @bonnielass that's awesome!! We are doing our NIPT at our next appt Feb 8th... We are doing announcement pictures this Saturday at our 12w mark and will be announcing to everyone on Valentines Day! Super exciting getting to see our little one grow and change from each ultrasound!

  • Had another check up today! Baby sounded great! Had our NIPT drawl today so well find out in about a week the results from that! Hope all is going well @bonnielass!!

  • @sharpie1104 I hope you’re pregnancy has been going well. We have a baby girl coming in August (hopefully she’s not early!). She’s been super healthy during the pregnancy and I’ve had it pretty good too. We can’t wait to meet her!

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