Seeking vials 14262

Looking for vials from donor 14262. We have a 3 month old from this donor and want her to have a sibling.



  • Sorry, I do not have any vials, but we also have a 3 mth old from this donor!

  • Wonderful :smiley:

  • We have a 9-month-old from this donor. :) Are you all on the sibling registry?

  • We have an 8 mth old with this donor and I just submitted to be on the sibling registry. Just awaiting approval. When that gets set up, I would love to chat with you guys about your kiddo. :)

  • I know this is an old post, but I submitted a couple vials for a buyback that is being processed. If approved, I would guess they would become available pretty soon. Maybe check in and see?

  • Hastings...thank you!!!!

  • I realize this post is now years old. But, I have one vial of 14262 available for someone. I have two perfect children with this donor already.

  • ANSE...or you still have for 14262? We have one amazing daughter from this donor and just suffered an early pregnancy loss of her sibling. Hoping to try again if we receive docs blessing. Thanks.

  • Yes. I do. I'm not sure how to do this, but yes, I have 14262.

  • Anse, thank you! I am not sure either but I will call the bank today and try to find out!! I am assuming it is stored with them? Let me know if not.

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