How many vials to buy?

My wife and I want to start the IUI process next month. We have selected a donor and the profile says that he has 25+ vials so we're not too worried about running out. The problem is that we live in Alaska and the hospital we're going to doesn't have a way to store the sperm so we can't order a lot of vials and then store them here. So in that case we're wondering if it's more economical to order one at a time or have the bank store them?

Also when the vials ship I know they come in a tank but how long can the tank hold the sperm if it comes in a day or two before my wife ovulates?


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    We ordered 4 vials, our doctor required two at their facility so if the first one was no good, there was a second on stand by. So we had two ship to the doctor, used one of them. Our doctor's office is storing the other for us, and CCB is storing the other two at their facility. We did the 4 so that we qualified for the year of free storage deal (I think it's still a thing).

    I believe the tank is good for 7 days, is that right, @cryo-admin ?

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    @Alaska @OurAdventure Yes, our tanks are validated for 7 days.

    Even if your donor currently has 25+ vials available, it doesn't mean that vials will still be available for your next cycle. We've seen 25+ vials sell out in just a couple hours.

    We limit the amount of vials that we collect and distribute to avoid having too many different families all using the same donor. This is one of the reasons that our vials can sell out quickly.

    On average it takes 3-4 IUI cycles to achieve pregnancy, and if you are only planning to have one child, our Family Today program is a great option. We provide 1 year of free storage with the purchase of 4 or more vials. And if you happen to get pregnant quickly, we have a 50% vial buyback program that you can take advantage of. Here's more info on these options: https://cryobank.com/services/additional-services/family-today---family-tomorrow/

    If you plan to have more than one child with the same donor, we highly encourage you to purchase enough vials for multiple pregnancies. We cannot guarantee that the donor will be available later on. In many cases, families wind up on a waiting list hoping someone that someone will sell back vials of their donor. Some parents wind up choosing a different donor or not having a second child at all because no vials are available. Our Family Tomorrow program provides 3 years of free storage with the purchase of 8 or more vials. And as mentioned above, you have the 50% vial buyback option if you wind up with extra vials.


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