First IUI - Share your success to help pass this TWW!

I just had my first IUI last week and we did unmedicated. I'm feeling pretty bummed about the stats, so it'd be super nice to hear your success stories! Did you do unmedicated or medicated? When did you get your BFP? How long did you wait until you took a pregnancy test?


  • I’m also in my TWW. This is my second consecutive IUI. Used clomid and ovidrel both times. My follicles were much better this go round and sperm count was doubled!! Hoping for the best but also not getting my hopes up too much!!
    Good luck to you!!!!

  • @SM_Bay78 that is so great to hear!!! I have just under a week to find out if I’ll b right there with ya!

  • @Mommas4Baby @SM_Bay78 Congrats!!! That's wonderful to hear--that it actually does work! When did you/do you plan to test? I'm being a little silly and thinking about testing after only a week, just to desensitize myself to the negative tests LOL

  • Being unmedicated you can probably test at 12dpiui, if you are medicated you must wait after 14 days so that the meds cycle out of your system otherwise it can show a false positive, and no one wants that!
    Just wait the process out and you will do fine! But I understand, these days are dragging by. My last cycle I ended up getting AF at 12dpiui so I knew a bit earlier that it was a BFN and was able to get the next one going quickly.

  • @FLwannabemom
    It’s tough but definitely wait the 14 days. Testing earlier can give you a false positive.

    I waited until the morning of day 14 and then got my BFP. Did the beta blood test next day (stat) and it confirmed it. I went again per the doctor’s request and the beta more. Than doubled. Those too are tough to wait on. Get yours “stat” because that’s tougher in my opinion!

    Good luck!

  • @SM_Bay78 @Mommas4Baby thank you all for your encouragement! I'm 8dpiui now and trying to keep busy. AF is due before 14 days are up, so I may find out that way. I'll keep you all updated!

  • Hello ladies I got pregnant after my first iui I used donor 14572 I was very nervous but hopeful and I’m blessed with my baby boy

  • I took my pregnancy test the morning of day 13 it was positive but the line was very faint took one that same night and it was darker it’s the longest 14 days of your life

  • I did unmedicated IUI for the first time last March and got pregnant on the first try. I tested at 9DPIUI and got a very faint line, tested again next day, 10DPIUI and got a yes on First Response Digital. I had a miscarriage at 15 weeks, but unmedicated IUIs do work!

  • Hi everyone--thanks for all of your replies! Our second unmedicated IUI worked. & @Cann227 I'm so, so sorry to hear about your loss.

  • Does anyone have any extra vials they won’t be using for this donor? If so, I am interested! Been trying to find more vials and have not been successful. Hopeful we will find at least one.

  • @VLG825 Please note that Donor 14572 is limited for sibling use. Only clients with reported pregnancies or births would be eligible to obtain additional vials.


    California Cryobank

  • Yeah, I am aware. should be on the waiting list, but don’t know if he will ever have available vials. Been looking for some bc we want to try again if possible with the same donor

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    Hi @cryo-admin. I had a successful pregnancy with this donor. Are there any vials available for siblings still? We didn’t know it was an option

  • Those that are doing unmedicated IUI, when are you timing the IUI—day of LH surge or day after? Thanks in advance for any responses!

  • My wife and I decided to start the process as well during my early July ovulation window. We hadn't seen any doctors nor taken any medication. We just wanted to start on our own first before jumping into anything else, that might not even be needed. I had started BBT tracking about a month prior so I had some data to leverage and used an OPK in June to get a baseline of timing. So, we ordered 3 vials for at-home ICI about 4 days before my expected ovulation. Luckily, I had the luxury of an 'ovulation dip' with my BBT and so that was the first day we used a vial and then one more the next day when I had my LH surge and then again the next day which was my actual ovulation. Fast forward to the afternoon of 9DPO and I took my first pregnancy test and it was POSITIVE! Very faint, but there was a line! The next morning, 10DPO, we used two different pregnancy test brands and two more +'s! For good measure, we did it again this morning, 11 DPO, with two more different types of tests, and more +' turning back now! Oh, and three days after my ovulation I turned 37, so hope is out there!

  • @TNL1040 this was hard for me... but as soon as I noticed what seemed like a surge, I messaged my doc a picture lol... and she felt it was so I coordinated with CC and my doctor... went in next day at 9am and I am 8 weeks.. still early but so far everything has been moving in a positive direction. Just prayers and hope.... Sending you all the good luck!!! Oh, I do recommend prenatal vitamins for sure and a prenatal acupuncture session or two! I did that and I feel collectively it all contributed to the success <3

  • @TNL1040 I am mostly vegetarian/vegan but my acupunturist recommended adding some dairy products so I did... I recommend if your body can handle.

  • @FLwannabemom good luck!!!! First try can work but try to not put too much pressure on yourself.... I think what is meant to happen will... just try to do what you can control like vitamins, daily walks, sleeping enough... eating right ... lots of water! I am now 8 weeks and I tested exactly on day 14... got a faint positive so my friend gave me a digital and was positive on that ... went about a week later for bloodwork and my doctor had me come in for a vaginal ultrasound. Sending you all the good vibes!!!!

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