Sperm counts and motility for all

Hey guys, I kinda wanted to have an idea if there’s a correlation between getting the BFP and the sperm count/motility. I’m 2dpiui for my second round. First was 11 mill sperm count and 58% motility. This second time was 22 mill count and 65%. Hopes are high but unsure if it even makes a difference. Thank in advance!!!


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    Remember, it only takes one <3

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    Interesting! I've been wondering the same. We're also doing IUI but the donor we chose only had ICI vials and needs to be washed after its thawed and it seems to make for a lower count. I'm 7 dpiui on my 3rd round. Here is what we've had so far post wash:
    R1 - 5.8 mil
    R2 - 6.7 mil
    R3 - 8 mil w/ 85% motility

    We were kinda driving ourselves crazy with it but like Rentmd1403 says above, it only takes one!

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    That’s great! Oh I know it takes just one, but I love statistics :)
    That’s great!! Let me know when u get the BFP and I will do the same! This time is going a lot slower than the first. But I will probably feel differently in 12 days lol

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