How many vials did you use per insemination

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Hey ladies,

Just wondering how many inseminations you did in one cycle where you got your bfp? I did 1 my first cycle last month but I got a bfn. The nurse prac is saying I should do two next try. Two are of course more pricey but is there really a big difference using 1 vial vs 2? We're trying a different donor this round which I think will make a difference, he recently got a reported preg and the one we used initially still hasn't and he's been active over a year already.


  • Did you mean back to back like one day after another or two vials at one time? Two vials at one times seems pointless to me. I did two back to back IUI on # and #2 and got BFN. #3 we just did a single and got BFP currently 7 weeks. Good luck!!

  • @Rentmd14305 I meant two as in one day after the first lol. Oh ok wow that gives me hope lol I will try next cycle with just one! Hopefully it works next cycle thanks and congrats!!!!

  • Our doctor required that we had two vials at the office, but they only thawed one. If the count was low on it, then they had a back up there ready to thraw. From my understanding, two at once doesn't improve your chances - at least that's what our RE told us.
    I've heard a lot of people have luck with two back to back though, like @Rentmd14305 said.


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    @OurAdventure Yes that's what I meant back to back not two at once. So did you get a bpf with just the 1 vial?

  • We only used one and I believe the sperm count wasn't incredibly high, maybe around 10 million, though we weren't given the motility. We received our BFP on the first try, with the one vial.

  • @OurAdventure Oh wow congrats! Thx for the info.

  • Happy to help! Best of luck.

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