TWW Donor 14874

My wife was just inseminated for the first time over the weekend IUI with donor 14874. She is already losing her mind, waking up every morning saying how all she can think about is wondering if she's pregnant or not, if the insemination will take or not, dreaming about babies, can I best support her? What are your best tips and tricks for keeping your mind distracted/calm/settled during the TWW? Any advice is greatly appreciated. This is both of our first time going through this process so we are very new and inexperienced in how to manage all of the many overwhelming emotions that come with this process, and now the wait.


  • Try not to think about it every second. Try and stay busy and keep active. I just started Clomid for round 2. Last cycle was tough. I was, in my mind, a hundred percent pregnant. Everything I was feeling was exactly what I was reading should be happening at each day. But everyone’s bodies are different and reacts differently so there’s no point in overthinking it. And then I started my period early. Huge letdown but I knew the chances when I started this process!
    Good luck to you guys and I hope nothing but the best!!!

  • Good Luck! Let us know how it goes 😊

  • Thanks! First one was a BFN, but we are giving it another go and have the IUI tomorrow. All the best wishes in the world are needed!!!

  • I got a BFP on my second IUI!!!! There’s hope! 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

  • Doing my research and preparing in the coming year. I’m learning the lingo on here. What’s BPF?

  • I just had my third IUI using this donor. I used clomid and trigger this month. I also mixed two vials to get a total of 12 million sperm. Did you all give birth already?

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