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Hi there! My partner and I are thinking about trying ICI at home for the first couple of tries. We have identified a donor we would like and I have been monitoring my ovulation closely. I'm very regular and may or may not try the trigger shot this first time, but my question is: how does the shipping work? I've read that you all highly suggest 48 hours before any procedure but I also see the option to pay for overnight priority shipping. Is this something that is decently reliable? My only concern is timing and how long it takes to get from your side of the US to mine, haha!


  • @FLwannabemom Excellent question! Timing home inseminations can be tricky. Yes, we do suggest having your specimen arrive at least 48 hours before your procedure because we don't want you to miss your cycle in case of a shipping delay.

    Our tanks are validated to keep the specimen frozen for 7 days.

    Inclement weather is the primary reason that packages get delayed. Hurricanes, flooding, snowstorms, and even severe thunderstorms at the FedEx hub in Memphis are some examples of what can cause a package to arrive late. Other delays like mechanical issues with planes can happen, but they are pretty rare. When we ship vials to a fertility lab, most are able to store the specimen in cryogenic storage. If something happens where you miss your ovulation, you can send the specimen back to us and we can store the vial for free for 30 days.

    The shipping price will vary depending on which day of the week you would like to ship it out. For home inseminations, I usually recommend priority shipping. With economy shipping it will be in transit for at least two days, possibly more. For example, if you schedule the specimen to ship out on a Thursday, it won't arrive until Monday afternoon/evening and you will have to use it by Thursday.

    Please note that all shipments require someone to sign for them. If you have a FedEx location close to you, you could have us ship it to that FedEx location and pick it up there, so that you don't have to worry about being home to sign for the delivery.

    Please call Client Services at 866-927-9622 to help you figure out the ship date. They will be able to provide all of your options. I usually suggest calling them at least a week before your procedure to sort everything out and schedule the delivery.


    California Cryobank

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