Cramping after IUI? For how long?

My wife is 7dpiui and is still having bad cramping. She doesn't normally get cramps before her period, and only mild cramps during her period. We did use a trigger shot and clomid though. I'm not sure if we should be excited or worried. I'd appreciate any advice!



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    I cramped and felt really nauseous after my insemination it’s likely common but I would check on it just to confirm.

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    @OurAdventure my nurse told me that was a good sign...i called my nurse after several days of bad cramping and bloating n she told me to keep taking the estrace n progestrone because it sounded like it was working. I have also been reading in the blogs the uncomfortability is a good sign!

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    I'll give the nurse a call tomorrow, our normal nurse should be back in by then. I'm hoping you're right @EEEJAY . She isn't taking any estrace or progesterone, so it's all natural or still left over from the trigger shot which was 10 days ago now. She's feel super bloated too, but from what I've also seen online, it's a good thing. We'll know Friday so fingers crossed, but it helps to know others experience it too.

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