Sex after IUI? Does it help or hurt success?

I'm hoping for some help for my wife and I. I've seen a lot online about having sex after an IUI helps to increase the success of the IUI, but I can't figure out if that is because of the additional exposure of sperm in heterosexual couples or if it is something else (contracting of uterus). We've asked our doctors multiple times if there is anything we should do (or avoid) and have only been told to not take ibuprofen before insemination tomorrow morning. Have you received any advice from your doctors about this?


  • @OurAdventure im a SMBC...but my cousin n her wife did ICI (8yrs ago,there lil girl is 7) she has been coaching me thru this. They had sex right after ICI she said it helps the uterus contract...thus pushing the egg n sperm. I hope this helps! 🙂

  • Thanks, @EEEJAY. That's what I thought too. We had the IUI today but had to rush to a party after, a great distraction - but a blocker for anything else. Hope tonight/tomorrow morning is not too late.

  • Sex or masturbation does help after your insemination orgasim after insertion can help the uterus contact the sperm and can help the sperm propel into the Fallopian tubes. I did this and I’m 21 weeks if it played a part or not it’s a true tip.

  • @gcjh Thanks for the help! The doctor said they didn't know of any clinical benefits to sex/orgasm after but at the advice of the internet we made time for it. We're 2dpiui so we'll know if it worked in a few more days!

  • @OurAdventure Nice! Lmk the outcome. Good luck! 🤞🏾

  • I sure will, @gcjh

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