pregnant by donor 14127

I'm 4 months pregnant by donor 14127. It's a boy!! I was just looking to see postings from those who have given birth from this donor. Is all ok with your babies, any medical problems or issues. etc.?


  • I have a little girl from this donor who is perfectly healthy. She did have acid reflux as an infant but nothing now. Best wishes to you and your family.

  • I also have a little girl. She is now 18 months. She is perfectly happy and healthy. She was born at full term and no health issues. She did have an outbreak of eczema last year, which is quite common and we were able to manage it with Vanicream for skin hydration. I suspect this was from oat sensitivity because it did not occur until we switched baby soap to aveno, which has oat in it, and she also would projectile vomit when we added oatmeal to her bottles. Otherwise, no health history, no know allergies, etc.

  • We’ve got two: boy and girl. Both healthy and happy and no issues with either.

    We have one vial of 14127 we won’t need if anyone wants to claim it!

  • WaterBabyMama13 - Yes, please! Is this opportunity still available? We just attempted our last chance with this donor and to have a bio-sibling for our daughter and it did not turn out as hoped. This gives me hope that it might still be possible. The cryobank would need you to contact them to do a vial transfer exchange to another account. My Customer number is C2218618. I don't know what payment transfer works like, but we can work that out.

  • Seems like this probably isn’t available anymore. But if it is I would like to purchase your extra vial.

  • I gave birth to identical twin girls at 17 weeks 1 day from this donor (they died of course) then had a missed miscarriage with a 9 week gestation girl as well. About to try IVF again with my last vial from him. Both transfers with his embryos though took the first time I implanted although I don’t have great fertilization with his sperm compared to the other donor I have tried.

  • We have one boy from this donor. Happy and healthy. I’m also looking for extra vials to have a bio sibling.

  • We have two vials available from this donor. Let me know if you are still interested.

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