Legal paperwork for adoption

How do we get the legal documents of the donor's terminating their rights to proceed with my wife being able to adopt our child come October when she is born?


  • Which state do you live in? I'm interested to understand your interest in adoption. Our boys were born in CA and WA. In CA we were domestic partners (before marriage equality) and in WA we were married. In both locations my wife and my names were put on the birth certificate (I carried one child, she carried the other). Are you considering adoption as a stronger legal tie?

  • Hi Jen,
    We just talked to our attorney, this is donor sperm so you and your wife can safely be on a birth certificate(depending on state that you live- you should check with your local hospital on this) and regardless of birth certificate you will want legal rights to your child in the event gay marriage is over-turned, or you are traveling in a state or country where parentage could be questioned. Also useful in the event you die (if you are giving birth) that your wifes parentage is not questioned. You will want to consult with an adoption attorney about a step parent adoption(rather than second parent adaption unless you want an at home social work visit) - involves background checks, finger prints around 3 months prior to birth, and then a court appearance with the child. I'm sure fees range by state, in Denver its around 2k. Well worth peace of mind. Good luck!

  • Hi Jen,
    We're in NY and from what I've read it is second-parent adoption we would need to do, since my wife and I are married. I've seen the prices a bit less than $2,000. I would suggest contacting your local LGBT office to see if they can recommend any family lawyers/adoption lawyers who work in this situation often. They may be able to give you the best information and prices.

    From what I can find online, the donors "sign a legal document waiving all parental rights and responsibilities to children conceived from the purchase from their sperm". Maybe call CCB directly to see if they can provide you something to prove this.

    Hope it helps!


  • I just called CCB asking for this form and was told they would provide us with a "legal letter" if we call after the baby is born. Then we can proceed with the second parent adoption process in our state.

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