Pain During IUI?

Hi, My Wife and I will go in for our first insemination soon and I've been told there may be severe pain. Has anyone suffered pain during the insemination?

Thank you,


  • It's not bad. I just had my 4th IUI. I would call it uncomfortable rather than painful. Just relax and talk to your wife during the procedure. That helps. And think about the sweet baby you will have! Best of luck!!!

  • Thank you! That's comforting to know. Best of luck to you as well!

  • @OurAdventure I had my first ICI today and it was a little uncomfortable but not severely painful. I felt cramping shortly after but it was not unlike regular menstral cramps.

  • My wife said no pain, just the uncomfortable of the speculum and mild cramping a few hours later.

  • It’s just uncomfortable and minor cramping and bleeding but well worth it

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