Considering to be a future mom, need advice?

I am having thoughts of becoming a future mom. I really want it actually but right now I am only 20 (21 in December) and am putting it off for now but I know I want to be a young mother so I plan to go through this once I turn 23/24. But this whole process is confusing. How many vials are we supposed to buy per donor? Do you go to your local doctor and talk to them before buying anything? What's the best insurance that would cover the IUI treatment (I'm in southern Indiana) or do you pay it all out of pocket? Does the insurance cover the price of the vials? When you get the vials do you bring them right to your doctor? When you buy the vials how do they ship out? Like I'm assuming there's certain ways those vials would have to be "mailed out". Honestly any information on this entire subject would be lovely. I am trying to get as informed as possible before I do it so I am prepared!

Thank you!


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    Hi! Good luck with your journey. Most of the answers to your questions will be answered by your repreproductive endocrinologist (RE) aka fertility doctor. Regarding insurance, speak to your HR department to learn which plans cover which infertility treatments, and what the criteria are to get coverage (you might still need to qualify for infertility treatments under their policy). Some plans might cover everything and others cover nothing.

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