1st time iui - reality of what to expect?

Hi all,
Reading peoples success stories are so heart warming. Congrats all! - but what has lead up to this?

My wife and I will be trying IUI for the first time. She will be carrying, and we have completed all the first steps through our fertility doctor. Our next steps will be the actual procedures and finding a donor - In your experiences how many tries is the average success rate for a healthy person in their late 20s? Are there things we should look out for (health wise) in search of a donor, and to be safe how many viles should we purchase? It seems for many 3rd time is the charm.


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    Hi Izzy, I don't have any advice for you just yet! We will be going in at the end of the month for our first IUI cycle. My wife will be carrying and she's in her early 30's with no known fertility issues. I'll certainly keep you updated on the process. We will using Clomid and a trigger shot. We will be using donor 15051.

    best of luck!!


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    Hi! I’m 31 and have 4 unsuccessful IUI l’s. I’m going for my 5th next week. My friend that is almost 40 got pregnant her first IUI. Everyone is different! Tell her to eat healthy, don’t stress too much, work out and watch comedies. My biggest advice is to not take a break between cycles if it’s unsuccessful the first time. I took a 3 month break and it’s like starting all over again with meds. You have better odds with consecutive tries. With donors, my advice is to pick an open ID donor. They’re a bit more expensive but well worth it. I love that our future kiddo will have the option to learn more about their donor if they choose. Best of luck on your adventure!!!

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